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What is the name of your show?

If you were talking to someone who didn’t listen to your show, how would you describe your format in terms they could appreciate?

(For example, instead of saying “I play grunge bands”, phrase it as “Each week you get to hear ...”)
What makes your show unique from others on the station, or even within the genre?

For example: “Here on this metal show, the focus is on speed metal. Fast, loud, high-energy speed metal. No other show is solely devoted to this segment of metal music. We tell you about the bands, interview the bands live, and give away tickets to see only speed metal bands. We are your speed metal fix every week.”
Who do you hope listens to the show, besides people who love the music?

Don’t say “everyone”. No format could possibly please “everyone”. Chances are, you serve a definable niche audience ... people of certain ages, backgrounds, education, employment status and so on. Who do you think is in your core audience?
Why might someone stay tuned into your show?

Why do you do your show? Why do you choose to give up 2 or 3 hours of your time each week or month to KWNK to do your show?

Do you currently have a radio show? If yes, where is it and what is it called?

If applicable, list any relevant experience.
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